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Hi! I am an experienced Design Project Manager & UX/UI Design Lead. It’s been around 6 years since i finished Ironhack Design Bootcamp and i have started working in the field. My work experience includes working in a startup environment as a Product Designer. Also, had the opportunity to work as a Design Lead with a team of 5 designers & 4 developers at Wunder, an Istanbul based design studio.
Recently, i have been working
 as a Design Project Manager at Userspots with a team of 9 designers. I had the opportunity to work on many UX/UI design projects which i led the processes of UX research-wireframing and interface design. I took part in projects from a broad spectrum of sectors such as healthcare, banking, insurance, e-commerce, food delivery, car rental, smart mobility and more. At the moment i am open for new & exciting opportunities.
Below you can have a look at my early design work. I still keep them here to give an idea about the thought process of my design approach.

Project No 1: Fluf

Fluf is a wellness app i have created during my UX/UI design studies at Ironhack Paris. 


Long story short, it's an app that you can send health challenges to your friends like " let's quit sugar for 1 week" . If you can succeed your Fluf stays healthy, if not , Fluf gets bigger & fluffier , until it flies away!


You can find the story behind the project by clicking the buttons :)

Project No 2: English Ninjas

This is my final project for Ironhack design bootcamp. And with this project  i got the 1st place at the hackshow by my 1 min pitch! So it is a winner!

English Ninjas is an existing app which helps people practice speaking English with native tutors. It is cool and pretty the way it is :) But i did some ux research and some ui touch to make it even cooler ! If you wonder how, check the details of my work;

PS: This work was done for practicing with the permission of English Ninjas guys :) 

Project No 3: Maison Tete

This is my very first work. For the UX part i worked with a group of lovely people and i did the UI!

Maison Tete is a store in Paris which sells fresh, homemade, healthy food plus some delicious but not healthy food like "foie gras" which is "goose liver"!

They needed a renewal for the online store. We created the new app (android). Added a function to prepare a menu for a party! I worked on the UI design of the app on my own. You can see screens from the app below! Right from Sketch :)

Bir Product Designer'ın 1 İş Günü Nasıl Geçiyor?

Volt Lines’ta Ürün Tasarımcısı olarak 1 yılı aşan bir süredir çalışıyorum. Geçen sene (Mart 2018’de ) aldığım bir kariyer değişikliği kararıyla yola çıktım ve aynı yıl Kasım ayı sonlarında Volt Lines’ta yeni kariyerime ilk adımımı attım! Yazımda bir gün içinde iş yerimde neler yaptığımı anlatıyorum :)

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