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Who am i?

  • A design thinking addict

  • User research lover

  • Crazy about colors and typography

  • Used to work for instructional design projects for e-learnings as a PM

  • Previously  worked for BBVA Garanti as a Learning Tech Project Manager

  • Knows a lot about data analytics, how to manipulate and learn from data using SPSS

What i studied?

  • Ironhack Paris, UX/UI Design Bootcamp, 2018

  • MA in Marketing Communications Management, Galatasaray University, 2014

  • Bachelors, Industrial Engineering, Kocaeli University, 2005

What i do when i am not doing ux/ui ?

  • Yoga, fav pose is "proud warrior"

  • Play drums, on a backing track, not in a band :/

  • Listen to music, i love vinyl :)

  • Watch a cat enjoying the sun, while having my coffee :)

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